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1. Appetizer

  • Free Lipid Profile and A1C Blood Tests: offered annually to all NRHS employees and volunteers. Times and locations are on the form which can be viewed and printed on MyLink. This lab test is also offered at not cost to one adult household member of NRHS employees!
  • Readiness to Change Assessment: a printable tool to help you see how ready you are to take steps toward making changes for a healthy lifestyle or to maintain your current healthy habits.

    Download the tool here (pdf)
  • Body Mass Index: a tool used by healthcare professionals to assess for overweight and obesity and risk for disease. It is important to remember that although BMI correlates with the amount of body fat, BMI does not directly measure body fat. As a result, some people, such as athletes, may have a BMI that identifies them as overweight even though they do not have excess body fat. 

  • https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/BMI/bmicalc.htm

  • Waist to Hip Ratio: the circumference of the waist divided by the circumference of the hips. This tool is useful as an aid to determine obesity, which can put you at risk for other serious health conditions. Ideally, the ratio should be less than .80 for women and .95 for men.

    Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator