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We're very pleased to announce that NRHS offers an Employee Assistance program which began February 1, 2009. The program is with LifeCycle Service who has trained counselors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for completely confidential assistance.

LifeCycle Service can answer your questions or help you with complex issues:

  • Personal relationship issues
  • Stress at work or at home
  • How to help an aging relative
  • Finding a child care provider
  • Coping with an addiction
  • Financial concerns
  • Adopting

What exactly is an EAP program?

  • It's a program that connects you to resources to help resolve personal concerns that may affect your health, well-being, family, life or job performance.
  • It's strictly confidential (as supported by national and state privacy laws).
  • You can be connected to local counselors for in-person interviews.

Your Benefit is Free and Includes:

  • Six confidential, in person assessment and EAP counseling sessions for you or eligible dependents each year
  • Unlimited financial services (one session per financial matter)
  • Unlimited work-life consultations and referral for childcare, eldercare and adoption
  • Unlimited use of the LifeCycle website which offers
    • Articles, assessments, calculators, live seminars, training seminars, resource links etc.
    • Online locators to do your own searches for childcare, adoption resources, eldercare providers, etc.
    • Quarterly newsletter - EAPost
    • Resource library
    • Financial Services resource center

To connect with LifeCycle please call 1-800-552-5304 or visit their website at www.feibh.com/nrhs. Hearing impaired number is: 1-800-833-6885. (TTY)